In Sinatra, using erubis, the default setting for escape_html is true.

But sometimes I want to to unescape, because, I do not want to add too much escape_html. Don't repeat yourself. :)


def raw(string)


<div class="body">
  <%= raw "<h1>Thanks for help...</h1>" %>

does not work.


Not sure about which version of Erubis you use, but it seems like it has a special kind of tag for that particular case: with two equals signs. So the line from your example might look like:

<%== "<h1>Thanks for help...</h1>" %>

Calling to CGI::unescape should not be necessary, because the string is initially not escaped. All you need is to prevent escaping, not undo it.

But if your Erubis don't understand <%==, or if you use ERB, not Erubis, then sorry, I don't know any other solution except of what you said: disable html escape for entire file and use h everywhere you do need escaping.

FYI, in Rails for this also there are special helpers raw and String#html_safe, but as I can see they are part of ActiveSupport and not available in Sinatra.


Just to add some tips. Erubis has ability to escape (sanitize) expression. Erubis::Eruby class act as the following:

<%= expr %> - not escaped.
<%== expr %> - escaped.
<%=== expr %> - out to $stderr.
<%==== expr %> - ignored.



You can accomplish what you want this way:


require 'sinatra'
require 'erubis'
set :erb, :escape_html => true

get '/hi' do
  @model = Hash.new()
  @model[:person] = "<b>World</b>"
  erb :hello


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title><%= @title %></title>
  <%== yield %>


  <p>Hello, <%= @model[:person] %>!</p>
  <p>Hello, <%== @model[:person] %>!</p>

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