I have an animation as a batch of .png files (100 files). The background is transparent in the source .png files. I want to convert them into a single animated gif. I have tried this command:

convert -delay 0 -loop 0 -alpha set *.png ani.gif

But the result is the following (green is the HTML page background):

enter image description here

How should I remove the previous frames from an every following one?


I've found -dispose previous.


OK, convert -delay 0 -loop 0 -alpha set -dispose previous *.png ani.gif


The solution is here:


The magic keyword seems to be “dispose” and calling the following fixed the problem:

convert -dispose 2 screencapture-*.tga screencapture.gif
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    Using -dispose previous almost worked, with the first image never going away. I found that using -dispose 2 worked. – Steven C. Howell Aug 19 '16 at 19:08

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