I'm new to both python and the python win32 extensions available at http://python.net/crew/skippy/win32/ but I can't find any documentation online or in the installation directories concerning what exactly the win32 extensions provide. Where is this information?

  • Their documentations suck. Quick solution is just go directly to venv/Lib/site-packages/win32 and look at the code. The comments are quite descriptive and they have demos too.
    – takasoft
    Aug 8 '18 at 17:43
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You'll find documentation here: http://docs.activestate.com/activepython/2.4/pywin32/PyWin32.HTML

(Note: most of the API docs are under 'modules' and 'objects'. Note that the documentation is very sparse here but rembember: since it's only a wrapper on top of the win32 API --> the 'full' documentation is also on the MSDN website, google should be helpful...)


PyWin32 docs are included with ActivePython (which I highly recommend you to install). ChristopheD's link is for Python 2.4 which is an older version. For Python 2.6 version (which is the latest), here is the CHM file that contains PyWin32 docs. Note that this CHM file is also included with ActivePython itself.

alt text http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/87045/permalinks/apy26-pywin32.png

  • Please send us the CHM file back. URL is broken where can we read A to Z of PyWin32 or win32ui plz?
    – user285594
    Jun 28 '16 at 0:13

In addition to ChristopheD's recommendations I also find that Tim Golden's Python Stuff is very useful.


Python Programming On Win32 from O'Reilly is a great, if dated, book on the subject. I've read it and is very good.

You can get it in Amazon too.

Its not documentation, per se, but its really useful for a good introduction to COM programming with Python, among other advanced stuff.