I have a Cocoa application that stores a reference to multimedia files (images, videos, etc) on the user's computer. I'm wondering if there is a way to get a reference to that file other that using a file path so that if the user moves that file to a different folder on their computer, I would still know where it is. I'm currently storing the array of file paths that are passed back from the standard Cocoa open dialogue:

          contextInfo:(NSString *)contextInfo 
    if(returnCode == NSOKButton) {
        [sheet orderOut:nil];
        [self saveFiles:[sheet filenames]];

In OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), an NSURL can be converted to a file reference URL (using -[NSURL fileReferenceURL]) which references a file across moves while your application is running. If you want to persist this file reference, use +[NSURL writeBookmarkData:toURL:options:error:] passing the bookmark data generated with -[NSURL bookmarkDataWithOptions:includingResourceValuesForKeys:relativeToURL:error]. The bookmark can be resolved later with +[NSURL URLByResolvingBookmarkData:options:relativeToURL:bookmarkDataIsStale:error:] passing the bookmark data returned from +[NSURL bookmarkDataWithContentsOfURL:error:].

Prior to OS X 10.6, the same functionality (minus some network aware niceties) is available via the AliasManager, a Carbon-era interface to the OS X file alias system. There are a couple of Objective-C wrappers on top of the Alias Manager that make using it from Cocoa much nicer. My favorite is Wolf Rentzsch's additions to Chris Hanson's BDAlias (available on github).


Here's a quick example of using bookmarks to track files across moves:

- (NSData *)bookmarkFromURL:(NSURL *)url {
    NSData *bookmark = [url bookmarkDataWithOptions:NSURLBookmarkCreationMinimalBookmark
    return bookmark;

- (NSURL *)urlFromBookmark:(NSData *)bookmark {
    NSURL *url = [NSURL URLByResolvingBookmarkData:bookmark
    return url;

From https://github.com/ptrsghr/FileWatcher/blob/master/FileWatcherExample/Classes/FileWatcher.m


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