I'm quite new to mvvmcross and I'm working on an app that uses SQLite plugin as "backend" for the model. (WinRT and WP/8 only at the moment but porting it to Droid and IOS when firts two platforms work ok). I would like to setup some tests using NUnit and VS2012 but having some difficulties to find examples on how to initialize the framework and the plugin in the SetupFixture class/setup for the test. Can someone who already have done this point me in the right direction ?

Thank you very much for your time and help

I generally don't test at the SQLite interface level itself.

Instead, I generally wrap the use of SQLite inside very simple repositories. Each of these repositories provides an interface. Each of the repositories and SQLite itself is assumed to be a known good components - so it not tested. And this allows me to then test other code using Mocks for these repositories, rather than trying to mock or use SQLite itself.

If you want to test at the SQLite level:

  • You could write a ISQLiteConnection test implementation
  • Or you could write something that used one of the SQLite on Windows plugins for testing

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