I'm using Xdebug on a virtual machine (Ubuntu guest). I'm using Vagrant to manage these VM and I'm configuring a "pattern" OS to clone it for web develop. The problem is that I want to configure this ubuntu guest to accept connection to xdebug from any host (xdebug is obviously in the guest os).

These instructions don't work:


The only way seems to add a line with:


"sdurzu" is the hostname of the host, but I want to create an "universal" configuration for xdebug, not based on host name or IP.

Is there a way to use a wild card (*) or something like this?


According to the Xdebug settings documentation, remote_host is ignored if you have remote_connect_back enabled.

Type: boolean, Default value: 0, Introduced in Xdebug >= 2.1

If enabled, the xdebug.remote_host setting is ignored and Xdebug will try to connect to the client that made the HTTP request. It checks the $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] and $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] variables to find out which IP address to use.

Also, remote_connect_back should allow any device to connect to Xdebug that has access to your web server.


remote_host is ignored if remote_connect_back is enabled, so setting the remote_host to a hostname makes no sense. Of course, unless you use a really old version of Xdebug. In order to find out what happens under the hood you need to turn on the xdebug.remote_log - this will write connection attempts into a log file and will let you know if it can't connect as well.

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