I'm trying to get data from my database but I can't find the error in my code:

  cursor c1 is select * from(select d.department_ID, d.department_name,count(d.department_name) cnt from emp e,dept d where e.department_id=d.department_id group by d.department_ID, d.department_name) where cnt>=5;
  TYPE cust_dept IS RECORD(dept_id dept.department_id%type,dept_name dept.department_name%type,emp_name emp.first_name%type);


FOR i IN c1

    select * into cust_dept  from emp e, dept d where d.department_ID=i.department_ID;

 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Department_id :'||i.department_id||' '||'department_name :'||i.department_name);--||' '||'customer_name :'||cust_dept.emp_name);
    --FETCH customer_cur into customer_rec;
    --EXIT WHEN customer_cur%notfound;



The error is:

ORA-06550: line 10, column 23:
PLS-00321: expression 'CUST_DEPT' is inappropriate as the left hand side of an assignment statement
ORA-06550: line 10, column 34:
PL/SQL: ORA-00904: : invalid identifier
ORA-06550: line 10, column 9:
PL/SQL: SQL Statement ignored
06550. 00000 -  "line %s, column %s:\n%s"
*Cause:    Usually a PL/SQL compilation error.
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You should declare variable of type cust_dept and select into it.

  • cut_dept is a record for holding data from select into query! – Thiyagu ATR Feb 5 '13 at 7:25
  • @Thiyagu - Your cut_dept is a type. It is NOT a variable of record type. Use record_var cust_dept; in declare section to declare a variable, and then select * into record_var. – Egor Skriptunoff Feb 5 '13 at 7:30

There are several issues on your code

  1. cust_dept is a type and not a variable to declare a variable of type cust_dept you need something like this: cust_dept_var cust_dept;
  2. Definition of a variable of cust_dept won't solve your problem because select * from emp e, dept d where d.department_ID = i.department_ID may not return a single answer, there may be 2 or more or non result so basically you need to define an array variable of cust_dept
  3. To result what you need, you can use the code below, you don't need to define a record type or else:

    for x in
    (select d.department_ID, d.department_name from emp e, dept d where e.department_id = d.department_id group by d.department_ID, d.department_name having count(d.department_name) >= 5) loop

    for y in (select e.department_id, d.department_name from emp e, dept d where d.department_ID = x.department_ID) loop DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line('Department_id :' || y.department_id || ' ' || 'department_name :' || y.department_name);
    end loop;
    end loop;

  4. good luck ;)
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    Hi and welcome to Stack Overflow. You can create a code block by clicking on your question and pressing the {} button. I notice that your second loop is doing a Cartesian join, which is probably not correct. Also, this could, potentially, all be done in one cursor. – Ben Feb 5 '13 at 13:35
  • thanks 4 you comment on {} i am new on this wiki .... :) – Mohsen Heydari Feb 5 '13 at 13:59

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