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i wrote a following '.thrift' file

service retriveService {

binary getImageContent(1: string strImgName);


I generated 2 clients one in java and other in as3 (using latest thrift-0.9.0.exe) .

my generated '' file has following method

public ByteBuffer getImageContent(String strImgName) with return type as 'ByteBuffer'

where as my '' file has following method

function getImageContent(strImgName:String, onError:Function, onSuccess:Function):void;

with return type as 'void'

i am not able to get the file content in as3 implementation since the return type is void. Any ideas what I'm missing here?

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can you edit the .as file to change the return type to something you need? – Gone3d Feb 5 '13 at 15:24

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Method result will be received as a parameter of onSuccess function. So, the client code might look like this:

var s : retriveService = ....
s. getImageContent("imageName", 
    function(e : Error) : void {
        //Handle error
    function(r : ByteArray) : void {
        //Handle result
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