I want to select fields in a record of a table and update just one of these fields. How can I do?

I try this:

SELECT v.idvideo, v.title 
FROM video v  WHERE v.schedulingflag IS FALSE AND v.errorflag IS FALSE 

UPDATE video  SET schedulingflag = true;

But in this way it sets field "schedulingflag" true in all record!

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The SELECT FOR UPDATE syntax tells PG that you're going to be updating those records and locks them against concurrent access. However you still need to issue the appropriate UPDATE call to change the particular records you've locked.

In this case, just use the same WHERE clause in your UPDATE, e.g:

UPDATE video  SET schedulingflag = true 
WHERE schedulingflag IS FALSE AND errorflag IS FALSE;
  • Hi, i want to lock the table, can you see my previous question? stackoverflow.com/questions/14707002/… Feb 5, 2013 at 14:55
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    Note, that he's using a LIMIT 1 for the FOR UPDATE, this generally means that his where clause may return more than 1 record. Now, since I don't have his DDL for the table, he should use whatever his primary key is to do the update, if its idvideo, then he should use UPDATE video SET scheduleflag=true WHERE idvideo=?. The reason being is that even if he uses the same query (ORDER BY/LIMIT), he could STILL update a different record (a new id could be inserted before it)
    – Rahly
    Oct 11, 2015 at 2:50

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