is there a way to serialize a java var (e.g. int) via jackson as an xml attribute? I can not find any spezific jackson or json annotation (@XmlAttribute @javax.xml.bind.annotation.XmlAttribute) to realize this.


public class Point {

    private int x, y, z;

    public Point(final int x, final int y, final int z) {
        this.x = x;
        this.y = y;
        this.z = z;

    public int getX() {
        return x;

What I want:

<point x="100" y="100" z="100"/>

but all I got is:


Is there a way to get attributes instead of elements? Thanks for help!

  • There is no problem with the int type. What ever i tried, i just got xml elements instead of attributes. – Divine Feb 5 '13 at 16:57

Okay I found a solution.

It wasn't necessary to register an AnnotaionIntrospector if you use jackson-dataformat-xml

File file = new File("PointTest.xml");
XmlMapper xmlMapper = new XmlMapper();
xmlMapper.writeValue(file, new Point(100, 100, 100));

The missing TAG was


so just change the getter to:

public int getX() {
    return x;

and it works fine. Just follow this how to:


@JacksonXmlProperty allows specifying XML namespace and local name for a property; as well as whether property is to be written as an XML element or attribute.


Have you registered JaxbAnnotationIntrospector?

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
AnnotationIntrospector introspector = new JaxbAnnotationIntrospector();
// make deserializer use JAXB annotations (only)
// make serializer use JAXB annotations (only)

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