I just installed OpenCart for the 5th time and I always get stuck on the same page ..

I get no errors when I install it but when I try to login to the admin page i always get stuck.. It shows no errors if i try with correct username / password.

Do someone here had the same problem?

Please answer..

  • How did you install it? Softaculous or manually? May 23, 2019 at 10:41

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Do you have any non-www to www rewrites in effect in a .htaccess file? This is one instance where I've seen this happen - where the admin is set to use yourdomain.com/admin/ but your server is set to rewrite all non-www to www.yourdomain.com

If you open up your admin/config.php - find the url's for the HTTP_SERVER etc and change them all to www. if they're not already, and vice versa if they do have www.

Then save, and reload your admin page and try to log in. Hopefully it will then work


If the php.ini session cookie flag is set to secure and you are trying to access your site without ssl then this is the odd behaviour or issue you will encounter whenever you attempt to login.

This is a server setting found in the php.ini file.

session.cookie_secure = 1

set it to

session.cookie_secure = 0

IT is actually always a good idea to have secure enabled if you have an SSL cert on your server. Otherwise if not make sure it is disabled.

  • Amazing that this still fixes login issue in version
    – 4levels
    May 17, 2017 at 13:04

Just found the answer here :


after I modified /vqmod/vqcache/vq2-system_library_session.php (removing "session_start(); " my problem apparently solved but I can't login to admin panel, so I get back and put the line back and problem solved.


This usually happens because of sessions.In magneto if you comment out three lines in one folder and delete some session files restart server.Problem soloves.I am sure here also it is because of sessions.I will solove the problem and post it here.


Probably you are using 'db' option to save the session and for some reason I didn't know yet it's bugged. Try changing it to 'file' in both 'catalog.php' and 'config.php' inside 'system\config'

$_['session_engine'] = 'file';


i just changed php versiyon from 7.4 to 7.1. Cause session is collapse with the other websites on the same server.

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