event.pageY gets you the mouse position relative to the entire document height(document.documentElement.offsetHeight I assume).

But how do I get the mouse position relative to the current viewport, which is document.documentElement.clientHeight?

For example, if the browser window size has a 720 pixel height, I scroll down 3 pages and keep the mouse in the middle of the window, the position should be "360", not 1800 (720 x 3 - 720 / 2).


Try using event.clientY that should always return the correct value regardless of scrolling


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    This doesn't seem to be relative to the webpage though. I think this is relative to the client's monitor. So if the browser was only taking up the right half of the screen, and someone clicked in the top left corner of the webpage, it would return something different than if the browser was full screen, and someone clicked in the same position. – Jordan Aug 6 '18 at 23:39

Use event.clientY to get the mouse position relative to the browser viewport (Compatibility table).

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I was in similar situation, I required cursor's coordinates w.r.t the Viewport (since my page was scrollable).

I tried other answers here, they didn't seem to work once the screen was scrolled (they worked well with non-scrollable pages).

Upon reading a few documentation page of https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/MouseEvent I found that while working with scrollable page, if you need X and Y coordinates w.r.t the current Viewport (i.e. even if scrolled), it would be better to use event.pageX instead.

var pageX = MouseEvent.pageX;


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