I am using a web service to get some images dynamically generated and sent to my app. The problem is the file names tend to get super long based on all of the parameters I use to generate the images. Now I am running into situations where all of the parameters lead to names longer than 255 characters.

So I need a way to shorten them and also make sure they stay unique, similar to what bit.ly does but I need it accomplished on the device. As long as the final names are less than 255 characters I am good.

Not sure of how to accomplish this.

  • I think you should work it out in server, instead of in App, as web forwarding happens in web server. – Raptor Feb 6 '13 at 2:27

When you have a lot of data, and you want to fingerprint it, or get some unique value back = hash.

You can sha1 or md5 your filename, and don't worry about collisions unless you are building a nuclear powerplant, or going to crash a rover on mars.

That or a lookup with a guid or incrementing number.


Yes, Your desires are fulfilled :)

There is... Bitlyzer for iOS - "Class to shorten URLs with Bit.ly on iOS"

You need just to set your Bitly API username and key

More info here

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