I have a bunch of folders containing songs in m4a format and also an album art file (png) named [Album name].png.

I would like to automate adding the album art to each file in each folder but i do not want to import them into iTunes first.

A bash script would work too in worst case since it could be run from an AppleScript. Suggestions?

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You can use mp4art:

brew install mp4v2
mp4art --remove file.m4a
mp4art --add cover.jpg file.m4a

Or eye3d for mp3 or flac files:

brew install eyed3
eyeD3_script --remove-image file.mp3
eyeD3_script --add-image=cover.jpg:FRONT_COVER file.mp3
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Covers can be added with the TagEditor project. To add:

tageditor -s cover=ju.jpg --max-padding 100000 -f ki.m4a

To remove:

tageditor -s cover= --max-padding 100000 -f ki.m4a
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