I just want something that is easiest to use for building a relatively simple GUI that ports easily to OSX and Ubuntu Linux.

More than anything, I just want to get cracking on the App rather than getting caught up in making something super polished, etc.

GLADE comes up a lot but doesn't strike me as the easiest, though, if someone suggests otherwise I'm open.

Again, main criteria is ease of use and portability to OSX and Linux.


There a quite a few options that you have:

PyQt is one : here is an intro : http://www.rkblog.rk.edu.pl/w/p/introduction-pyqt4/

PyGTK http://pygtk.org/ heard some good reviews for it but have not played with it.

wxPython is another : http://wxpython.org/what.php

I would suggest the wxPython but its totally up to you.

Have a look at their documentation and then pick.


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