I'm currently building a Ruby on Rails app and I am using the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem and have started making heavy modifications to the responsive layout using @media css calls. However, to maintain a specific type of formatting, I'd like to disable the large desktop @media (min-width 1200px). I understand how to do this via the normal Twitter Bootstrap process, but would prefer to maintain the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem.

If something could please direct me on which file to add to my assets/stylesheets or how to modify the @ call, I'd greatly appreciate it!

I'm looking to find the cleanest way to do this so when I upgrade the gem it doesn't impact the other files. Thanks!

  • what about overriding these in your boostrap_and_overrides.css file? was one generated for you when installing bootstrap? – Richlewis Feb 7 '13 at 12:14

I assume your layout will be enclosed in a container-fluid and that you have some final level css for site specific styling.

How about putting this in your lowest level css

* container
.container-fluid {
  max-width: 1200px;

Set the max width to the maximum size you want and dont bother hacking about with bootstrap.

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