I'm trying to a "life count" to Bob with a BitmapFont in the libgdx demo Super Jumper. I added:

Assets.font.draw(batch, "20", world.bob.position.x, world.bob.position.y);

in the renderBob() method of WorldRenderer class.

But the text is rendered in a huge size and barely can be seen at the bottom of the screen:

Super Jumper Bob jumps over a giant "2"

What should I do to make the life count text render correctly on top of Bob's head?


In WorldRenderer-class you have a different camera/resolution setting, there is only a resolution of:

static final float FRUSTUM_WIDTH = 10; static final float FRUSTUM_HEIGHT = 15;

So what you have to do is: Draw your String inside GameScreen.presentRunning, but you have to recalculate the Position of Bob to your GameScreen-Camera.

I think this should work inside presentRunning (can't test right now):

Assets.font.draw(batcher, "20", world.bob.position.x / 10 * 320, world.bob.position.y / 15 * 480);

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  • Thanks for your help. I tried your method, it is working for first few step but the text is moving upwards faster than bob and eventually went off from top of the screen. I think this is because the guiCam is not moving but our text is following world.bob.position.y. What do you think? – Iain H. Feb 8 '13 at 7:08
  • This should work: :) float maxY = world.bob.position.y; if(maxY > 15/2) maxY = 15/2; Assets.font.draw(batcher, "20", world.bob.position.x / 10 * 320, maxY / 15 * 480); – CodeNoob Feb 8 '13 at 10:01

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