I'm trying to import SlidingMenu into my own project, so I download source code from SlidingMenu Library and import it as an android library project, also called SlidingMenu as project name.

After that, so many error comes with, and I did something to try to fix it :

  • Change its android:minSdkVersion to 10
  • Set ActionBarSherlock & android-support-v13 as SlidingMenu's library
  • Clean and rebuild whole SlidingMenu project

And still many error there...

How do I fix this ?

enter image description here


You can use: android:minSdkVersion 7 with SlidingMenu

And from Project Properties -> Android -> Select Android 4.2 as target. hope this helps.

  • WOW! it works. Thank you Chronos. You saved my new year holiday :-) – RRTW Feb 8 '13 at 5:27

Did you specify targetApi in your manifest?

  • I set 16 (android 4.1) at first, now is 17 (android 4.2), and it works. – RRTW Feb 8 '13 at 5:28

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