I have created a settings page in the charm and now inside the settings page I have kept a hyperlink and on click of that I need to navigate on to a new flyout link in the charms list. Like I have 2 links in the Charms, - Settings and Help.

From Settings I have to navigate to Help from a hyperlink,

I have tried :

WinJS.UI.SettingsFlyout.showSettings("helpDiv", "pages/help/help.html");

This does not navigate.

Is it possible to navigate from one flyout to another in Charms - Settings?


Hi did you have a matching commandid in the help.html with title in settings.html page(assuming you have help link here) below code should be in settings.html

WinJS.Application.onsettings = function (e) { e.detail.applicationcommands = { "helpDiv": { title: "Help", href: "pages/help/help.html" } }; WinJS.UI.SettingsFlyout.populateSettings(e); };

below code should be in help.html

<div data-win-control="WinJS.UI.SettingsFlyout" aria-label="Help settings flyout" 

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