I want to clone part of repository to non-tip changeset, so I use TortoiseHG -> Clone command, enter commit URL and clone. For some reason I get the clone to the last changeset, not that I wanted to clone.

How to clone to old changeset?

I've read that I can do this with git commands. Can I do it with TortoiseHG?

  1. You clone not "commit", but "repository"
  2. If you want to have partial clone, you have to read hg help clone
  3. Procedure and syntax is common to all and any repositories, unrelated to BitBucket

To pull only a subset of changesets, specify one or more revisions identifiers with -r/--rev or branches with -b/--branch. The resulting clone will contain only the specified changesets and their ancestors.

hg clone -r <ID> SRC

hg help urls suggests second form of command

hg clone SRC#ID


In case of pure GUI in TortoiseHG "Clone" dialogue, expand "Options" enable "Clone to revision" and define this revision ID


  • @LazyBadgger, can I do all this in TortoiseHG? – Aleksei Chepovoi Feb 7 '13 at 11:55
  • @AlekseiChepovoi - added to answer – Lazy Badger Feb 7 '13 at 12:05

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