I have the next excel sheet with many checkboxs.

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The problem is when I am coding I have to do some functions with Valor1 and Valor2 depending of if the checkbox is activate.

Well I have the code.

Option Explicit

Sub Casilladeverificación1_Haga_clic_en()



        If CheckBox1.Value Then
            Call fucntion1
        'Works for the first row, but for the second row int shoul be check CheckBox12 ,a next CheckBox23 ...

        If CheckBox2.Value Then
            Call fucntion1

        If CheckBox2.Value Then
            Call fucntion3


    ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Activate

    While Not IsEmpty(ActiveCell.Value2)

End Sub

But you can notice I dont want to made all the case with all the checkbox, there is a solve for this like checkbox[i]


I would put all of your functions into one big function and the functionality would separated by a Select Case block.

 Private Sub functionRouter(checkAction as integer)
 Select Case checkAction
      Case 1
         'Code for function one
      Case 2
         'Code for function two
 End Select
 End Sub

You're going to want to loop over all your check boxes. This is going to depend on what checkbox you are using.

 Sub test()

 Dim chkBox As CheckBox
 Dim chkBox2 As OLEObject

 For Each chkBox In Sheets("Sheet1").CheckBoxes
  Debug.Print chkBox.Caption
 Next chkBox

 For Each chkBox2 In Sheets("Sheet1").OLEObjects
  If TypeName(chkBox2.Object) = "CheckBox" Then
     Debug.Print chkBox2.Object.Value
  End If
 Next chkBox2

You could do a few different things with all of your checkboxes. You could use the tagproperty (you would need to set all of them, but this allows for duplicates). Then call functionRouter(chkBox.tag) Or you could parse something from the name functionRouter Right(chkBox.name, 1)

  • Thats awsome, but Im testing now, I have some question about the differences between CheckBox and OLEObject, but I am using OLEObject, please try to follow that post, for you I am going to have more questions. – Jonathan Raul Tapia Lopez Feb 7 '13 at 12:21
  • Ok so you're going to be using chkBox2.object.Value and .Name or .Tag I tried to look in the object browser for a way to reference it directly but I haven't found it yet. Make sure you always use .Object before you try to get to one of its properties. Honestly I don't know the major differences between the two. One is native to Excel. Probably for legacy support the ActiveX is the newer version and is likely more powerful (but harder to use) – Bmo Feb 7 '13 at 12:27
  • Hey I tryed with chkBox2.Object.Tag but I have the object does not support this property or method but I am doing to parse the numbers of the .name and if divide by 11 and working with this value. – Jonathan Raul Tapia Lopez Feb 7 '13 at 12:39

You can iterate checkboxes on worksheet by using this loop:

For Each chk In ActiveSheet.CheckBoxes
    MsgBox chk.Name

It won't work if you use ActiveX controls though.

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