I have an image gallery. When I click on it, the images stand out because the body background goes from white to black.

When I click again on the image it goes back to normal.

This is what I have for now :

$('img').click(function () {

I'd like my users to be able to click anywhere on the page and remove the class "darken".

I tried the hasClass statement but with no success.

if ($('body').hasClass('darken')) {
        $('body').click(function () {

Thank you very much, Clément.


You can bind the click event handler to <body>. But, be sure to stop the propagation of the click event on img.

var $body = $("body"), $img = $("img");

$img.click(function(evt) {

  • Possibly the easiest way to do what OP required. Kudos! – Jehanzeb.Malik Feb 7 '13 at 12:48
  • Works like a charm. Live result here : bettercheckthekids.com/polar-2 Many thanks Alexander! – cfocket Feb 7 '13 at 13:04
  • Seems like there is a little hiccup when I reclick on any of the image. Especially when you get to the last image. Do you notice it too? – cfocket Feb 7 '13 at 13:08
  • Well, I replaced ('body') by ('*'). Suits my need just fine. – cfocket Feb 7 '13 at 14:06
  • @cfocket, I believe it's a really bad idea to use $("*"). I didn't notice any hiccup when I saw it though – Alexander Feb 7 '13 at 15:26

This is the solution I used:

$(document).on('click', function(e) {
    var $body = $( 'body' ); 
    if(e.target.id && e.target.id === 'menu-btn') $body.toggleClass( 'navigation-opened' );
    else if(e.target.tagName.toLowerCase() !== 'nav') $body.removeClass( 'navigation-opened' );

This might be more shorthand, but will do the same:

$('body.darker').live('click', function() { $(this).removeClass('darker'); } )
  • Usage of .live() is deprecated as of jQuery 1.7 – Alexander Feb 7 '13 at 12:08
  • Alexander, you're right! It should be rewritten to something like this: $(document).on('click', 'body.darker', function() { $(this).removeClass('darker'); } ); I was just used to the .live function :-) For reference: api.jquery.com/live – CyberBrain Feb 7 '13 at 12:17
  • Sorry man, didn't get the chance to try your solution. Cheers – cfocket Feb 7 '13 at 13:05

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