In my MVVM Application I have an object in my MainViewModel called Products; I Also created a CollectionView to enable navigating in those Products. What i need is to show the CollectionView.CurrentPosition.


    private CollectionView collectionView;

    public CollectionView CollectionView
        get { return this.collectionView; }
            this.collectionView = value;
            OnPropertyChanged(() => CollectionView);

    public MainViewModel()
        Products = fillProducts();
        CollectionView = (CollectionView) CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(Products.Items);

Now for displaying the items in the Products:

<TabItem x:Name="tabProductsView"
                     DataContext="{Binding Products.Items}"
                     Header="View Products">
    <textBlock Text="{Binding ProductID}" />
    <textBlock Text="{Binding ProductDesc}" />
    <textBlock Text="{Binding ProductName}" />
<TextBlock name="CurrentItemPosition" Text ="{Binding CollectionView.CurrentPosition}"/>


Now, binding to the Products.Items is working probably and i can navigate through my products and view the details . But viewing the CollectionView.CurrentPosition is not working (not showing anything) cause I already set the DataContext for the hole TabItem to Products.Items. Also setting the DataContext of the CurrentItemPosition TextBlock is not working.

Any ideas on how I can display the CollectionView.CurrentPosition under this TabItem?

In other words, how would I bind to another Object from the MainViewModel in the same `TabItem?

Thanks in advance.


Ok, i tried to bind directly to the CollectionView itself and now everything is working fine ...

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