I would like to use Yeoman to start a project with a framework and requireJs enabled.

If I init a project with Amd and install backbone after, the models/controllers/routes... aren't generated with requireJs.

I have find this topic : Howto bootstrap Backbone app with yeoman having require.js enabled

But the link of the response is dead... :(


If it helps in any way, I ported over the Peepcode Backbone project to a RequireJS and Yeoman-enabled one here: https://github.com/vishvish/backbone-peepcode-reboot

Yeoman has just changed its MO, and I don't know if that will work with it, but the models, routes, etc, are all there in RequireJS format, hopefully that will help you be on your way.


We have updated the Yeoman backbone generator to support both twitter bootstrap and RequireJS. But it not officially added to npm. But you can try it using

npm install git://github.com/yeoman/generator-backbone.git

Discussion : Not found in npm install

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