We are using ELMAH for our MVC asp.net application.
When any exception occurs ELMAH sends error mail which has an event ErrorMail_Mailing,
I am writing handler for this event inside my Global.asax
and trying to read value from HttpContext.Current.Items variable but getting null exception.

Any work around please help.

I am applying what Scott is suggesting here:- http://scottonwriting.net/sowblog/archive/2011/01/06/customizing-elmah-s-error-emails.aspx In global.asax.cs I am trying to write below event handler, where I want to configure subject line of error mail with something stored inside my HttpContext.Current.Items

  protected void ErrorMail_Mailing(object sender, Elmah.ErrorMailEventArgs e)
            if (HttpContext.Current.Items["CustomerName"] != null)
                e.Mail.Subject = "Error came to / " + HttpContext.Current.Items["CustomerName"] + " / Error Type: " +

Within MVC it will depend on where you are setting the HttpContext.Current.Items value as to whether it will be available in the ErrorEmailEvent. Please reference the previous SO question - HttpContext.Items with ASP.NET MVC for some guidance on setting this properly or an using alternate means like creating your own ITempDataProvider.

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