Is there any way to get line ending glyphs in Visual Studio 2012?

The following screen shot (from notepad++) show what I want (the CR LF part): enter image description here

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You might want to check out this extension: End of The Line by Rolf W. Rasmussen. The current binary version displays CR and LF identifiers at the end of the line all the time, but the source version ties it into VS's "View Whitespace" menu option.

It's for Visual Studio 2013, but it's open source and should be fairly straightforward to recompile as a VS2012 compatible plugin

(You might need to change the references - the VSSDK packages on nuget can be really useful here. You'd need VSSDK.CoreUtility and VSSDK.Text. In fact, that might be worth a PR regardless...)

  • Use VS 2010, so that's a no go as only VS2012 or later is supported.
    – Dan W
    Feb 24, 2019 at 21:54

Nope, Visual Studio has no feature to show End of Line Markers. (Reference)

But it gives the ability to show Whitespace with (Ctrl + E + S) which is adressed here.
If any incosistencies are included, VS should suggest to fix the document automatically.

But if you need to do actions other than that, I recommend using notepad++ as described by Hanselman here

If you think Visual Studio should include this feature, you better vote for this request


By the way, VS shows glyphs for wrapped words by enabling through:

Tools ->  Options ->  Text Editor ->  All Languages ->  Show visual glyphs for word wrap


example for glyphs

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    I voted all I could for this feature. Has become more important now that Visual Studio 2012 update 2 will have git support since git (normally) handles the line-ending char(s). Feb 7, 2013 at 17:34

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