I have a standard devise implementation and throughout other models there seems to be no redirect if the session is expired, leaving the user with a error message.

For example on the user profile page if not logged in it will just show an error because the current_user does not exist.

Do i set in each model stating to authorise. Or a better solution, can I set it in the app controller and do it application wide and simply set any public pages wherever necessary?


If you want a particular controller to check if a user is logged in then you want to use Devise's authenticate_user! function. See example below

class StuffController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :authenticate_user!
  def index
    ..... more implementation

If the user is not logged in they will be redirected to the login form and then to the required page after a successful login


Use a before filter such as before_filter :authenticate_user!. Place this in your application controller. authenticate_user! is a devise helper so if you want custom behavior you can overload the method or simply write your own filter using their user_signed_in? helper method.

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