I have some view code:

<span data-something="[<%= t('.asd') %>, <%= t('.dsf') %>]></span>

I use this code to get some dynamic strings translated into the view. My YAML is something like:

    asd: "Asdddd"
    dsf: "adasdsadasda"

Is there a way I can use to dynamically get all the "features" from the YAML by locale and put it in the data-attribute?


This is pretty simple to do:

I18n.translate('feature').values.join(', ') 

You'll end up with a string "Asdddd, adasdsadasda".

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    Also, I much prefer explicitly writing out I18n.translate as opposed to the t helper as its much easier to search through your project to find all the translations. – Jonathan R. Wallace Feb 7 '13 at 14:48

I think it's as easy as t('feature') to get the hash, you might want to just have the values so could you try t('feature').keys?

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