I have a UICollectionView with a custom UICollectionViewCell. The UICollectionView scrolls horizontally, with each cell occupying all of the visible screen.

The UICollectionViewCell has a UIView subview, which in turn has a UIScrollView subview.

The UIScrollView is intended to scroll vertically, but it's not scrolling at all. I've tried setting the scroll view's contentSize with no success.

I suspect that the UIScrollView is not getting any touch events rather than it being a size issue.

Any suggestions?


I'm now sure it's an event problem rather than anything specific to the UIScrollView.

I've now overridden the pointInside: method in the UIView in the UICollectionViewCell and can see that it now returns false every time I tap on it. In that case you'd think that the tap event would propagate to the next subview , but the UIView still isn't getting events. I've tried adding a UIGestureRecognizer to the UIView but it never registers a tap.

Could there be anything here intercepting the events that I'm not aware of?


I've been trying to solve a similar problem with a scrollview, and your edit about events reminded me of this question (which solved my problem again) How can I use a UIButton in a UICollection supplementary view?

Its possible you need to be using a UICollectionReusableView, not a UICollectionViewCell. Changing the class worked for me because I was using a button (and recently a scrollview) in a header.

However I've not tried for cells themselves. For capturing events from a UICollectionViewCell, maybe the following may help? Getting button action : UICollectionView Cell


Try to disable userInteractionEnabled for the UIView and enable it for your UIScrollView

  • Thanks, but that doesn't solve the problem. Also, I occasionally load the UIView/UIScrollView outside of the CollectionView. When I disable userInteractionEnabled on the UIView and enable it on the UIScrollView, I don't get any scrolling there either. – Phil John Feb 7 '13 at 15:43

I'm not sure if this was your problem, but it was mine - and I'm putting it here in case anyone else comes across this for the same reason. I wanted to put a UIScrollView inside a UICollectionReusableView but by accident I had created my custom class as;

class CustomCellHeader: UICollectionViewCell {


instead of;

class CustomCellHeader: UICollectionReusableView {


Once I changed that, the UIScrollView within my header cell came to life!

  1. Embed the scrollable content in a ScrollView within the cell.
  2. Add "UICollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout" to the UICollectionViewCell i.e.:

    class SomeCollectionCell: UICollectionViewCell, UICollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout {

Now scrolling within the cell should work.

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