Platform: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (x86)

I was messing around with batch scripts and realized that they could act as the command prompt(yes I know batch scripts run threw the command prompt) I mean that a batch script could prompt the user for a command and then call the command.

SET command=
SET /P command=%cd%^>


The only problem is that when I type in for example cd %windir% I get an error message telling me that the system cannot find the path specified. So I typed echo %windir% and echo printed %windir% exactly it wasn't expanded at all. I am wondering if the problem is because I have the environment variable nested inside the %command% variable but from what I understand CMD.exe does support nested environment variables. I tried using Delayed Expansion but the variable still didn't expand.


Add a call or cmd /c to evaluate variables that way.

@echo off
SET /P command=%cd%^>

call %command%
  • I added CALL to my script and now it works perfectly thank you very much. – John Vulconshinz Feb 7 '13 at 16:49

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