I just want to make a simple Notepad .bat file that would maximize a specific process window. Is that possible?


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If you want to maximize an already-running program/window you can try with windowMode.bat using its title (or a string that the title starts with):

@echo off
call windowMode -title "Notepad" -mode maximized

Or with its process id:

@echo off
call windowMode -pid 1313 -mode maximized
  • Thanks for this, saves the day when IntelliJ stays in a minimized state with no way to get it to behave like it should. Cool idea to have a batch with code and invoking csc on it to do advanced magic. Commented Feb 25, 2020 at 11:52
  • This should have been the answer as the OP asked about maximizing any process Commented Jul 27, 2020 at 7:25

Start takes an argument to do that.

START /MAX notepad.exe

However, if it is an already-running instance, it is outside of cmd's control.

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    Nice! I needed a BAT script to start a process (a shell) in a maximized CMD. This did the trick: START /MAX cmd.exe /C "mode con cols=500 lines=500 && bin/my_shell.exe"
    – Hubro
    Commented Apr 5, 2014 at 12:34

Presuming you want to minimize/maximize a window for an existing process (like I did), there's actually a freeware tool for this, that you don't even have to install to use. It's called GUIPropView, and it's made by Nir Sofer, a great programmer who's been making cool little freeware Windows tools for years now. When I stumbled upon this post looking for a tool that does this myself, I figured, "I bet NirSoft has something that does this!" and found GUIPropView on his website.

With GUIPropView's /Action command line option, you can minimize/maximize windows based on their window title, process name, and other properties. It's super-easy to use, because you don't even have to "install" it. You just extract the three files from the .zip archive, and run the GUIPropView.exe file.

I just used it to set up buttons on my Stream Deck to quickly bounce me in and out of my full-screen work VM Remote Desktop session, and it works perfectly.

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