I am receiving an error which I understand by meaning but do not know the solution to fix, the error I am receiving states:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ExpandOptionType() (previously declared in ...:269) in ... on line 269

Below is code:

foreach ($arrQuestionId as $key=>$question) {


    <div class='lt-container'>

    <p><?php echo htmlspecialchars($arrQuestionNo[$key]) . ": " .  htmlspecialchars($arrQuestionContent[$key]); ?></p>


    function ExpandOptionType($option) { //LINE 269 
      $options = explode('-', $option);
      if(count($options) > 1) {
        $start = array_shift($options);
        $end = array_shift($options);
        do {
          $options[] = $start;
        }while(++$start <= $end);
        $options = explode(' or ', $option);
      return implode(" ", $options);

    <p><?php echo ExpandOptionType(htmlspecialchars($arrOptionType[$key])); ?></p>




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Move your function outside of your foreach loop...

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