Thu Sep 27 15:30:27 BST 2012:- Invalid token $_POST[custom], which indicates the amount, userid

This is from a log file I'm trying to parse using grok for logstash.

The first few fields are ok, and it seemed very close to DATESTAMP_OTHER, but I think that the UK timezone of BST is messing that up.

Got as far as this, but not sure how to make it work!



1) Try out the Grok Debugger which will allow you to test your Grok patterns, on the spot.

2) Also, change your %([PMCEB][SD]T) for something like (?<variable_name>(BST)*) to start off with. You are using the wrong syntax for plain regex.

3) Most important Read the docs. Everything I have just mentioned came directly from the docs.

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    OMG the Grok Debugger is amazing. A life saver!
    – Spanky
    Dec 26 '13 at 23:51

Here is my approach to the problem:


Or if you prefer:


In my opinion, the first option is better, because you can use the pattern later on for something else


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