When working with caret, how can I save a model after training, and load it later (e.g. in a different session) for prediction?


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A better solution nowadays is to use saveRDS to save and readRDS to read:

saveRDS(model, "model.rds")
my_model <- readRDS("model.rds")

This lets you to choose a new name for the object (you don't need to remember the name you used when you saved it)


The correct syntax would be to use:

save(model, file="model.Rdata")

Thereafter, it can be loaded using the load() command.

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    Hmm, yeah that is interesting that the other answer went two and a half years unchanged and incorrect. Haha Sep 24, 2015 at 23:55

The following code assumes that your model's variable name is 'model':

save(model, "model.RData")

This will save your model as "model.RData" in the current working directory. You can find out what the working directory is by issuing the following:


To load it back in, ensure that your model is saved in your working directory and issue:

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    it my case I needed to explicitly set file by save(model, file = "model.RData")
    – Boern
    Oct 5, 2015 at 7:03

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