We need to completly stop our application during an upgrade because we have to execute a critical mysql script.

So our application will be turned off during several minute then Cloudbees will display a basic "Application unavailable" page. We would like to change this by our own page with our logo, like we did it when we have our own apache/tomcat server. Could it be possible ?

Btw, is there a page with active sessions like we have in the Tomcat manager ?

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You can use beta-featured blue-green support to switch your application to another instance running a "maintenance" page

with latest SDK (1.3.1), run bees app:proxy:update -a acme-maintenance -al www.acme.com to reconfigure the http router for www.acme.com to the maintenance app, then let your application run the mysql upgrade script, and restore the router configuration after completion.

Warning : this feature is in beta and subject to instabilities / API changes

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    +1 We're already using this blue-green functionality and it works great! :)
    – Kaitsu
    Feb 12, 2013 at 10:54

At the moment there isn't an easy way to do that - but there is a feature which will be out there soon to make that easy (amongst other things).

The only way currently is to have an app (another app) - which is your simple page - you then remove the domain name from your current app and add it to that app (etc) - messy, but possible.

In terms of sessions, the operations tab of the web console shows information like that, there is also the newrelic console which provides other insights.

  • See the answer below (?) this one (from Nicolas !). Feb 18, 2013 at 5:12

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