I have a bit of an obscure problem that I'm finding hard to track down with the Kendo Grid. Through a browser I can click a row and it is selected fine with the change event firing. However, if I click the tr or td element using casperJS:

casper.thenClick('#id-of-the-grid tr:nth-child(2)', function () {

I get nothing highlighted on the captured photo. I have tried firing a mousedown followed by a mouseup command, a click command, all sorts of variations but I am still unable to fire the Kendo Grid change event. Am I wrong in thinking that the change event is fired by a mouseup? Am I clicking the wrong element and Kendo Grid is responding to a different elements click event?

  • I don't think the Kendo Grid handles it like that at all. The change event is fired when actual underlying data is changed in the control. – Trey Gramann Feb 8 '13 at 14:18
  • Well it does respond to a mouseup event in the browser normally (I initially had the same thoughts as you). – DF_ Feb 8 '13 at 14:29
  • Did you ever find a solution to this? Try to work out how to click a tab strip. thanks – Rippo May 13 '14 at 12:20
  • Nope, used Selenium instead. – DF_ May 13 '14 at 13:18

Had the same problem. This solution seems to work for me. I adapted the example hope this works for you.

What I did was first I fire a mousedown, click and then the mouseup event on the specific element.

casper.then(function() {
    this.mouseEvent('mousedown', '#id-of-the-grid tr:nth-child(2)');
    this.mouseEvent('click', '#id-of-the-grid tr:nth-child(2)');
    this.mouseEvent('mouseup', '#id-of-the-grid tr:nth-child(2)');

casper.then(function() {

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