I have have created remote repo to push my local changes over ssl. I did hg showconfig --debug to find my remote hg path but it messy can some one point me how to exactly find it what is it.

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hg paths gives the relationship between each path name and its url.

> hg paths
default = ssh://hg@example.org/repo
local = /local/path/to/repo

hg paths <name> gives the url for the name.

> hg paths default

> hg paths local

BTW, to get just the path names:

> hg paths -q

and hg paths -q <name> will always result in no output.

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    Some added info: hg paths (with no parameter) shows all URLs for any symbolic paths (shortcuts) you have defined in ~/.hgrc combined with the paths identified in the /.../<repo>/.hg/hgrc file if you are in a specific local repository. I am using Mercurial 3.3. Not sure about older versions. Aug 30, 2015 at 16:54

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