https://npmjs.org/package/webrtc.io-client says:


rtc.createStream({"video": true, "audio":true}, function(stream){
  // get local stream for manipulation
rtc.connect('ws://yourserveraddress:8001', optionalRoom);

then a bunch of callbacks are available

You can set the STUN server by calling rtc.SERVER = "STUN stun.l.google.com:19302" and set your server. The default STUN server used by the library is one from google.

Can I use the same STUN server for my commercial app too?


Can you?


Should you?


Using any third party without an agreement is dangerous and could leave you burnt in the future.

Some history:

Google has previously issued after the fact API restrictions/price changes that left a lot of people with a broken business model.

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