I need to select some subjects from db.. I used below code to select coma separated list of subjects.

GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT s.subject_name SEPARATOR ', ') AS subjects,

its ok. its working for me. Its output is something like this.

Mathematics, Physiology, Business & Accounting Studies, Catholicism

Now I need to limit this string to 35 characters and need to add '...' at the end of the string.

It is something like this.

Mathematics, Physiology, Business...

So, can I know is it possible along with mysql when select the query?

Thank you.


try something like this,

SELECT  IF(CHAR_LENGTH(subjects) > 35, CONCAT(LEFT(subjects,35), '...'), subjects),
    SELECT  GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT s.subject_name SEPARATOR ', ') AS subjects,
    FROM    tableName
    GROUP   BY ...
) s

I'd rather use CHAR_LENGTH than LENGTH when getting length of the character because...


You can use a CASE expression that will check the LENGTH() of the subjects. If it is longer than 35 characters then you can apply SUBSTRING() and CONCAT() to get the new value with the ... at the end:

     when length(subjects) > 35
     then concat(substr(subjects, 1, 35), '...')
     else subjects end as subjects
  select GROUP_CONCAT( DISTINCT subject_name SEPARATOR ', ') AS subjects
  from yourtable
) src

See SQL Fiddle with Demo.

This returns:

|                               SUBJECTS |
| Mathematics, Physiology, Business &... |
  • Thanks.. but problem with it when using in my real query. – TNK Feb 10 '13 at 15:26
  • @TharangaNuwan what is the problem? – Taryn Feb 10 '13 at 15:27
  • @TharangaNuwan then you should edit your OP with more details on the problem including your full query and explain why these solutions do not work. – Taryn Feb 10 '13 at 15:34

just substring/concat it to the end of the result of group_concat

concat(substring(group_concat(distinct s.subject_name SEPARATOR ', '), 35), '...') AS subjects,

Usually it would be easier though, to do this in the application when using frameworks.


Store your result in a variable and in an if clause check whether it is longer than 32 characters. If so select its first 32 characters and concatenate '...' to it.

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