I've gone pretty badly wrong and I want to just uninstall and then reinstall a fresh copy to start over.

I've tried

#sudo apt-get nginx uninstall

that didn't work as well as

cd /usr/local/src
wget http://nginxcp.com/nginxadmin2.3-stable.tar
tar xf nginxadmin2.3-stable.tar
cd publicnginx
./nginxinstaller uninstall

with no luck, can someone help me out please? running ubuntu 12.04 server edition, long time support

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To get rid of everything nginx related (configs etc.) do:

sudo apt-get purge nginx

Uninstall nginx including dependent package

Check the Status and version

sudo service nginx status
nginx -v

First Stop nginx service

sudo service nginx stop

Removes all but config files.

sudo apt-get remove nginx nginx-common

Removes everything.

sudo apt-get autoremove

Remove dependencies used by nginx which are no longer required.

sudo service nginx status

I have tried this and its working

First Stop nginx service

sudo service nginx stop

sudo apt-get purge nginx

sudo apt-get autoremove


Completly away with a wildcard

sudo apt-get purge nginx*

On ubuntu

sudo apt-get purge nginx nginx-common

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