I have some c code that draws simple graphics on the linux framebuffer console. I'm also using the raspberry pi and it's composite video output. The OS is raspbian, and i'm doing a low level solution without using X.

My graphics are working well, and i'm also able to read the usb keyboard and respond to key presses.

Currently there is a tty terminal that my graphics are written over. The tty is still active and key presses are echoed to the screen.

What I want to achieve is to disable all console messages and ttys on the framebuffer so only my graphics are shown. Does anyone have a good way of doing this? Perhaps disabling the tty on that virtual console?



I think what you're looking for is ioctl(fd, KDSETMODE, KD_GRAPHICS). You'll need to set it back before you exit.


Thanks for your answer R.. I just created an account so the user1645083 is me. That worked perfectly. I did need to figure out that I should be operating the KDSETMODE on the file descriptor of the tty in question, but after that it worked perfectly, thanks!

In response to the comment above, I probably should have given more details. I did try running the graphics program directly from inittab, also running it from .bashrc, as root, as a user.

Here is my code if anyone is interested. It is a hack-job without a doubt, but this is for art not science!


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