I have a chrome extension that im making for my site, currently i have the extension checking the database every minute for updates.

Is it possible to have the extension listen for an event on the actual page?

Something like this

this.trigger('sendUpdate', data) //this happened on the page

this.on(sendUpdate, function(){ //this is what the chrome extension listens for
    //do stuff with data

you need to add a content_script. content_script have full access to the DOM and you can bind to all events on page

just add this to the menifest file

    "js":"your injected script.js"

you can get more info http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/content_scripts.html

also from your question it looks like you going to be working with a custom event so your content_scrip js is going to be something similar to this

document.addEventListener('yourEventName', function(e){
   //send message to ext
   var someInformation = {/*your msg here*/}
   chrome.extension.sendMessage(someInformation, function(response) {
}, false);

the background page should listen for a message.

chrome.extension.onMessage.addListener(function(myMessage, sender, sendResponse){
    //do something that only the extension has privileges here
    return true;

then you can trigger the Event from all scripts on the page...

var evt = document.createEvent('Event');
evt.initEvent('yourEventName', true, true);
var some_element = document;
  • do you have an example on how to listen for an event from the content script – user240993 Feb 12 '13 at 19:16
  • i updated the answer. hope that helps – Josh Feb 12 '13 at 20:08

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