I'm trying to set up my first django project. Within the project, I have created a package called 'domain'. Within the package 'domain', there is a folder called 'entities'. Within the 'entities' folder, there is a file called 'foo.py', which contains a class called 'Foo'.

I'm trying to import the class 'Foo' into another file (module?) I've tried pretty much every permutation I can think of. When I try this:

from domain.entities.foo import Foo

Eclipse stops highlighting the Foo class as unfound. It seems to be satisfied. But when I look at the page in a browser, I get an error screen:

Import Error at /[URL]
No module named entities.foo

Can anyone help? I am entirely out of ideas.


You certainly don't have a __init__.py empty file on each folder (package). If you are using Python 2.X, you need it.

|---- __init__.py
|---- entities
|     |---- foo.py
|     |---- __init__.py

After that, you will be able to import the class Foo inside the module domain.entities.foo

from domain.entities.foo import Foo

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