Are there any significant problems in computer science that can only be solved in double exponential time ? And if they exist then to which class of problems do they belong ?


From Wikipedia:

In computational complexity theory, some algorithms take double-exponential time:

  • Each decision procedure for Presburger arithmetic provably requires at least double-exponential time

  • Computing a Gröbner basis over a field. In the worst case, a Gröbner basis may have a number of elements which is doubly exponential in the number of variables.

  • Finding a complete set of associative-commutative unifiers

  • Satisfying CTL+ (which is, in fact, 2-EXPTIME-complete)

  • Quantifier elimination on real closed fields takes a doubly-exponential time (see Cylindrical algebraic decomposition).

  • Calculating the complement of a regular expression

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