I am working on the project in which I need to make a connection to database and insert lot of rows in that Database. I have two columns currently in that database-

ID         String PrimaryKey
ACCOUNT    String

So I need to insert lot of rows in these two columns with the help of JMeter. I am able to generate random Unique ID for ID column by using this-


I am trying to insert JSON String into ACCOUNT columns using JMeter. Below is the JSON string that I am trying to insert.


In the parameter values section in JMeter, I am passing something like this-

${__BeanShell(UUID.randomUUID().toString())} ,{"lv":[{"v":{"regId":null,"user":null,"Id":996},"cn":1}],"lmd":1360185}

This is my SQL-

INSERT INTO TEST2 (id, account) values (?, ?)

But after trying to insert, I am getting this exception-

Response message: java.io.IOException: Cannot have quote-char in plain field:[{"]

How can I fix this thing? I just need to insert JSON string in the ACCOUNT column

Any thoughts how to achieve this?


I think you should escape all double quotes with a backslash. Something like this:


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