I have a bunch of old deprecated pages on a site i am working in.

Let's say the site has different product pages: site.com/product1 site.com/product2 site.com/product3 ...... site.com/product450

Inside each of these directories is a page called productreveiw.php

Due to a bad initial design, this page existed in every directory. Long ago, this was pointed to a single product review page (site.com/productreview.php).

Everything works great, but there are 450 of these old files out there, one in each directory.

I want to delete them out without going into each directory in ftp and manually deleting them.

Is there a way to do this in cpanel->file manager? I was able to search and find them all, but I could take no action after that, except opening the directory they are in. I was hoping to be able to select all and delete them in 1 shot.

I'm sure there is a way to do this in SSH, but I'm not real comfortable in there and was hoping for a more user friendly route through cpanel or ftp.

Thanks in advance as always.

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I ended up deleting everything through SSH, which wasn't that hard after I got used to it.

I searched for files like this:

find . -name "index1.php" -delete

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