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Based on the following criteria, what graph library would you recommend for working with in python?

  1. I want to write/work with graph algorithms
  2. I want interactive visualization (i.e clicking in a panel and a vertex is created)
  3. Object Oriented capabilities, such as extending vertices and edges to have a few additional properties
  4. A well-documented and reliable API

Which graph libraries satisfy the these properties or most of them?

Point 2 Clarification: I am looking for the functionality to be able to create user-defined graphs via pointing and clicking with a mouse. So, if I click in a panel 3 times, this would create 3 vertices, and then some mouse-event such as clicking a vertex and dragging to another vertex might create an edge. So, just a user-interactive way of creating a graph.

Thanks! All help and direction is appreciated!

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I'd recommend networkx. Even though it doesn't support point two of your list out of the box (I'm not even sure if I really understand it), I guess it could be implemented via matplotlib events and callbacks.

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