In the Python interpreter, how do you return a value without single quotes around it?


>>> def function(x):
...     return x
>>> function("hi")

I expect it to return hi instead of 'hi'

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In the Python interactive prompt, if you return a string, it will be displayed with quotes around it, mainly so that you know it's a string.

If you just print the string, it will not be shown with quotes (unless the string has quotes in it).

>>> 1 # just a number, so no quotes
>>> "hi" # just a string, displayed with quotes
>>> print("hi") # being *printed* to the screen, so do not show quotes
>>> "'hello'" # string with embedded single quotes
>>> print("'hello'") # *printing* a string with embedded single quotes

If you actually do need to remove leading/trailing quotation marks, use the .strip method of the string to remove single and/or double quotes:

>>> print("""'"hello"'""")
>>> print("""'"hello"'""".strip('"\''))

Here's one way that will remove all the single quotes in a string.

def remove(x):
    return x.replace("'", "")

Here's another alternative that will remove the first and last character.

def remove2(x):
    return x[1:-1]

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