We are developing an in house home automation app based on the loxone-miniserver for a customer using Android. I have collected some information regarding this. i.e i have to follow some steps given below

  1. WE get the key by http request: http://myMiniserver/dev/sys/getkey (Done)
  2. we convert key into "HEX" using HEX type in byte increments. (Done)
  3. we convert user:pass into ASCII code. (Done)

  4. we create hmac-SHA1 algo with above key and message. (Done)

i have done above all. now whats next. how can i handshake with the Loxone-Miniserver device. i can paste the code if you need. thanks

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I thought I would post a link to both the documentation and a thread on our forum that resulted from the question above.

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