I am trying to install RMagick on my slicehost(Linux Hardy) instead of compile from source, here is what I did:

$ sudo aptitude install -y imagemagick
$ sudo aptitude install -y libmagick9-dev
$ sudo gem install rmagick

After installed, it reads GIF with no problem, however for JPEG and PNG, I keep getting this error:

Magick::ImageMagickError: no decode delegate for this image format 

I know it is probably because I don't have libpng and libjpg libraries, but i didn't find guide on how to install these. I compiled libpng and libjpg from source, with no luck, the files are in the /usr/lib, but i still getting the error.


I found this to be very help: how to install rmagick on linux


Try Installing ImageMagick from Source


You definitely want to follow the recommendation here: http://rmagick.rubyforge.org/install-faq.html#delegate

It's probably more likely that everything is fine, but you need to reconfigure your image magick install after adding the jpeg delegate.

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